Smart Energy Solutions

Why GAB?

Green Advertising Bin

Waste management is a crucial aspect of planning most public places. Most governments/ civic authorities and businesses are looking for ways to create greener and cleaner environments. Private Citizens are also getting more aware about the need to keep their space clean. This has brought an increase in city bin production and placement.
With the government and businesses increasing bins in cities and their citizens realizing the importance of bins herein lies a great advertising opportunity for companies seeking to increase their brand visibility.


Combination of a powerful green waste collection & recycling stations in a single toolkit. It is the perfect mix of a product that harnesses the solar energy to light up an advertising panel along with providing the perfect waste management solution.

Enables civic authorities/ municipality/ businesses achieve massively greater resource efficiencies (by 70-80+%).
Such a solution is being adopted by government’s world over, and is fast becoming an integral part of urban town planning and development.

The objectives:

  • Increase waste management and initiate recycling in the public spaces.
  • Reduce the number of containers currently in use, while increasing total capacity.
  • Eliminate the litter caused by open containers and container overflow.
  • Improve the curb side aesthetic appearance of public spaces.
  • Help maximize the advertising revenue
  • Provide a long range solution to effectively address the growing trash problem.
  • The increase in bins by government and businesses will present greater advertising opportunity to companies seeking to target effective and credible Brand Visibility.
  • Effective manage the spaces available to maximize on both the avenues.