Smart Energy Solutions

What is “GAB”

Green Advertising Bin


GAB is a useful new innovation from Energis India that allows clients to effectively manage wastes and create a medium to display well lit adverts in extremely high footfall areas across Malls, theatres, Metro Stations, high streets, tourist spots and other such locations.

Powered by renewable solar energy we have the “GAB” an Innovative and Sustainable waste management and recycling solution which combines the value to two separate products into one i.e. Advertising Panel and Bin.

Each ‘GAB’ is a very intelligent and sophisticated piece of equipment. GAB is solar powered, it has automatic light sensors to bring adverts to life at night, it charges and stores the power of Sun and uses no electricity and even a cloudy day is enough to charge the unit for upto 36 hours of illumination. Energis India together with providing the product is committed to its regular maintenance and service.